Production partner

We offer contract manufacturing from individual process stages to complete deliveries. In addition to our manufacturing services, you can trust us with the overall responsibility for the entire product from purchasing materials to customer deliveries. CAM programming and our expertise in procedure design guarantee an efficient manufacturing process.

  • Development of manufacturability
  • Procurement
  • Procedure design
  • Manufacturing
  • Quality assurance
  • Assembly
  • Warehousing

Service and components

Power Tech Group’s Service line covers component manufacturing, machinery maintenance and installations with trusted partners.

  • Machinery repair and maintenance
  • Component manufacturing
  • Warehousing
  • Installations with trusted partners


Power Tech Group’s own coupling line-up includes the following types: gear, pin, claw, shear pin, disc pack, flange, and clamp couplings. We tailor our coupling solutions to our customer’s needs, on the basis of shaft diameter, rotation speed, transmission and possible misalignments between shafts.